Sewing A T-Shirt Dress

A T-Shirt dress is a quick and easy way to dress up your girls for any occasion. Solid color T-shirts can be matched with contrasting prints. Printed T-shirts can be matched with solid color skirts. The combinations are only limited by your imagination. This is a fun dress for toddlers or teens.

Here are your simply basic instruction:

Select the T-shirt to be used. For your first attempt, it may be beneficial to use an existing T-shirt.

Now select your skirt material. This can be any piece of material that measures 4x the width of the front bottom edge of the T-shirt you are using. This measurement will allow the skirt material to be gathered all around at the point of joining to the bottom of the T-shirt.

Take the skirt material you have chosen at 4x the front width of your T-shirt and measure the skirt length to be chosen. This length is a personal measurement for you and your child to determined and is dependent on the size of the material scrap you have chosen. The dress can be knee length or floor length. Using a 1/4 seam allowance and a loose bobbin tension, sew a straight line seam the full width of the material. Remove from machine leaving at least 3-4 inches of thread at end to help you hold and gather.

Take the bottom bobbin thread in your straight seam and gently start pulling and gathering the entire width of the material. The goal here is to have your finished skirt equally gathered to equal 2x the bottom front edge the shirt. Allow another 1/4 inch seam allowance on the edges of each end for joining the skirt together.

When you are sure that your gathered width matches the measurement 2x the width of the bottom edge of shirt and you still have allowed yourself the 1/4 inch seam allowance, join the skirt edges together.

It is now time to join the skirt to the shirt. This is done by joining the right sides of the bottom end of the T-shirt with the right side of the gathered skirt. First pin the two together starting at either side of the T-shirt. Then pin the front middle and back middle together. Don’t hesitate to use a few extra pinnings in-between those already placed to assure the two match when sewn.

To finish the seam just sewn, turn the edges on the inside down toward the skirt. Pinning will help keep it in place as you sew a straight seam on the outside of the skirt about 1/8 inch below the joining seam of shirt and skirt.

Now you are finished except for the hem. turn the hem under 1/4 inch and then 14 inch again. This gives a little weight to the bottom. You can sew the hem by hand or run a straight seam along the top edge of the hem.

That is the basic version of the T-shirt dress. Now you can take embellishments and go wild. with ribbons, lace, buttons and flowers. This is where the kids can get involved and make it personal. You will soon learn to making all sizes of these adorable dress in daily and holiday versions.

Happy sewing to all of you.

Jennifer Kinnaird

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